ENT Examinations

Dear Patient,
Please know that your ENT visit today may include some or all of the following commonly performed parts of an ENT examination. Depending on your disease process your exam may include FIBEROPTIC EXAMINATIONS of the nose and larynx/vocal cord, RADIOLOGICAL services and/or AUDIOLOGICAL testing. If such a procedure is performed a procedural fee will be submitted to your insurance carrier. You should know that YOUR INSURANCE CARRIER may refer to these routine parts of your specialist’s consultation as PROCEDURES or even SURGICAL PROCEDURES. If our office participates with your insurance carrier you will only be obligated to pay for any deductibles, co-insurance and/or co-pays as agreed upon by you and your carrier.

Please know that the performance of these procedures by your specialist is important to give you the best and most comprehensive care available.

The Barranco Clinic Physicians